Screen Accurately Identifies Autism at an Early Age

A promising screening tool that elicits responses from parents about potential communication delays accurately distinguishes infants with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from those with developmental delay and from typically developing children, new research indicates…(more)

Autism Navigator Launches About Autism in Toddlers: Unparalleled Video Library Shows Early Signs of Autism

Autism Navigator’s About Autism in Toddlers is a web-based tool designed to help families and professionals identify the early signs of autism in very young children. This innovative online resource is available at no cost to families, and can be accessed at…(more)

National push will help diverse communities target autism

The National Institute of Mental Health has awarded $10.4 million to a team of researchers led by Florida State University Distinguished Research Professor Amy Wetherby to implement a community-based approach to early intervention. The principal investigators are Amy Wetherby, Florida State University, Ami Klin, Emory University; Catherine Lord, Weill Cornell Medical College; and Craig Newschaffer, Drexel University. Among the co-investigators are Elizabeth Slate, FSU; the Rev. Anthony Evans, National Black Church Initiative president; and Leon Rozenblit and David Voccola, Prometheus Research…(more)

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